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Hi, I’m Dani! 


During the 2020 lockdown, I built a consistent yoga practice and I soon noticed what a huge impact it had especially on my mental health.


I learned skills that, to this day, are helping me navigate my everyday life smoothly.


By the end of the year I enrolled in my first teacher training.

I was excited to share this practise with the rest of the world and I definitely still am!

I love learning about the anatomy of our body and how each and every movement can take us a step closer towards a body that moves with grace and confidence.

yoga training

I am passionate about sharing creative and dynamic flows, moving the body in functional ways while resting the focus on the breath. I also enjoy slower flexibility classes, focusing on improving the body’s ability to move.

When I'm not on the mat, you might find me cuddling with my rainbow family, cooking delicious plant based food or walking around the beautiful Scotland outdoors!

Yoga helps my body stay healthy, functional and become stronger.

It also supports me staying grounded when life gets overwhelming.

Yoga gives me the chance to sit with myself, take a deep breath and create a safe space within. 


Through sharing this practice with you, I hope I can show you how good it feels to be present! 

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