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Online Yoga Training

Hi, I’m Dani! 


I am a self taught yogi with four years of practice. By the end of 2020, I enrolled in a 200hrs online teacher training focused on Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, followed by a 20hr Mindful Meditation course.


It has been a roller coaster since then - as life usually is, and I am grateful to have learned skills that helped me pull through this ride and I am always eager to expand my knowledge as student and teacher alike.

yoga training

I love teaching creative and dynamic Vinyasa flow classes, moving the body in a functional way and resting the focus on the breath. 


Yoga helps my body stay healthy, functional and become stronger.

It also supports me staying grounded when life gets overwhelming.

Yoga gives me the chance to sit with myself, take a deep breath and create a safe space within. 


I hope through sharing this practice with you, I can show you how good it feels to be present! 


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